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It's all about connection. After all, everything is connected, isn't it? We are connected to each other, to the natural world all around us, and to the mysterious, supernatural world as well. Energetically speaking, everything is actually one big thing--one vast beautiful, sparkling universe--and YOU are intrinsically part of it. If you are feeling alone, disconnected, anxious or afraid, perhaps it is just because you have forgotten who you are.

The local people of Puerto Morelos say she is alive--the town, that is.

The town, or more specifically the land the town rests on, has consciousness. She knows you are there the moment you set foot within her boundaries and she can feel your intentions toward her. She...

Tell me please: What are SECRETS OF HAPPINESS?

According to the Happy Planet Index, Costa Rica is the #1 Happiest Place on Earth! I love this quote from the study: 

People living in Costa Rica have higher well being than the residents of many rich nations inclu...

I sat at the beach bar next to a young casi-rasta looking woman from Mexico City. "I recently attended a sacred chocolate ceremony," she confided. 

"Sounds interesting."

"To prepare for the ceremony, we ate nothing but chocolate for four days," she explained.

She tol...

Two trees always grow together here in the jungles of Mexico. Chechen and Chaca. One is toxic and the other is healing. Yesterday, I got the sap of the chechen (also known as black poisonwood) on my hand and within a few minutes I was extremely uncomfortable. My skin w...

Its called a naranjito (pronounced nar an hee toe). It's a wild fruit that was growing in Anthony's back yard. You split it in half and squeeze the juice into a cup of cold water, strain and drink it. Everyone loves it and it has a lovely orange taste.

We met Anthony--R...

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