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It's all about connection. After all, everything is connected, isn't it? We are connected to each other, to the natural world all around us, and to the mysterious, supernatural world as well. Energetically speaking, everything is actually one big thing--one vast beautiful, sparkling universe--and YOU are intrinsically part of it. If you are feeling alone, disconnected, anxious or afraid, perhaps it is just because you have forgotten who you are.

Manifestation is when you think of things and then they get pulled from the idea realm into this one where we can see them happening and touch them and hear them and drink them in.

In short, the things we think about become our reality, good or bad.

I recently got back f...

One day I happened to mention to some friends here in Mexico that I wasn’t sleeping well. Right away, five or six people animatedly began offering suggestions to help me overcome my sleep deprivation.

No one suggested I purchase a better mattress or buy dark curtai...

"Teach me about the goddess Xtabay (esh-ta-bay)." 

We were riding on a taxi-bike with Jose, our Maya tour guide and valiant peddler. There were two of us riding, Maria and I, and I know Jose got his workout for the day as he transported us down jungle paths, past sacred...

I just got back from spending a month on Mexico's Yucatan Peninsula. It was a great trip and I found myself delving into some interesting things while I was there.

A race of tiny people called Aluxob (the singular is Alux) live in the jungles and cenotes of the Yucatan....

There is a park in the middle of town on the island of Colon in Bocas Del Toro, Panama. Streets run around all four sides of it. Fantastically huge trees grow in the park and the peeling-painted benches offer seating to travelers and locals alike. If you walk down the...

Cenote Ik Kil is 150 feet deep, or so they say. It is one of the thousands of entrances to the vast underwater cave system that covers the Yucatan Peninsula. Its waters, though crystal clear, are dark as night because of its depth. This past week, I chose not to swim i...

I sat on the little silver-painted stool in the middle of the room, having agreed to a cleansing by Francisco, the hierbatero (Maya shaman or herbalist).  The room was quite big with almost nothing else in it save two small, brightly colored couches and a narrow wooden...

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