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It's all about connection. After all, everything is connected, isn't it? We are connected to each other, to the natural world all around us, and to the mysterious, supernatural world as well. Energetically speaking, everything is actually one big thing--one vast beautiful, sparkling universe--and YOU are intrinsically part of it. If you are feeling alone, disconnected, anxious or afraid, perhaps it is just because you have forgotten who you are.

Poverty = Lack of Money.

Ok, so let's start with this. If poverty is the lack of money, and that is generally how we think of it, then who is in poverty?

A. A person with a lovely $300,000 house with a mortgage of $250,000 and a nice new car worth $20,000 with an $18,000...

Tell me please: What are SECRETS OF HAPPINESS?

According to the Happy Planet Index, Costa Rica is the #1 Happiest Place on Earth! I love this quote from the study: 

People living in Costa Rica have higher well being than the residents of many rich nations inclu...

There is a park in the middle of town on the island of Colon in Bocas Del Toro, Panama. Streets run around all four sides of it. Fantastically huge trees grow in the park and the peeling-painted benches offer seating to travelers and locals alike. If you walk down the...

Sometimes things are encouraging, sometimes they are sad. Recently we have lost a lot of people in our town. We moved to Almirante, a small poor village. We wanted to really live among the locals. I wanted to be their neighbor and really get to know them.

Now we have No...

These kids live in a Maya village in the jungle about an hour from Cancun. Alcohol abuse and domestic violence are a big problem in their community and many children and their mom's end up needing to leave their husbands and find a place to stay. Some end up in small c...

I spent some time talking with an old man on the corner in a small Jamacian flavored town in Panama. Before I tell you what he said, I want to describe the town for you.

It used to big a bustling port for Chiquita Banana. The best bananas in all of Central America are...

It felt like I was entering the Amazon. Not a soul was to be seen. Great swaths of bamboo fell into the water at the river's edge and wild mangoes towered overhead. But for the hum of our motor, the world was silent. There are many places the tourists visit in Bocas, t...

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