It All Starts with the ONE in Front of You

You CAN make A Difference

its so easy to give a little and it means so much

We go to poor villages and get to know the locals. We build relationships and find out what the people really need. Sometimes we put roofs on houses and sometimes we buy school uniforms. Sometimes we provide food and clothing and medical supplies. Sometimes we find people jobs. And sometimes we just give out hugs.


We never know what the need will be. But what we DO know is that there is always a need for connection. And so we go. And we love. And we do what we can. And more often than not, we come away feeling like we received more than we gave. There is nothing like the reward of smiles and bright eyes and hope.

When you donate to Poverty Project International, you help us bring whatever is necessary to make life a little easier for someone who is in need. And trust me, in rural Mexico, every little bit makes a difference.



With all love and compassion

thank you


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