Sacred Chocolate Ceremony

I sat at the beach bar next to a young casi-rasta looking woman from Mexico City. "I recently attended a sacred chocolate ceremony," she confided.

"Sounds interesting."

"To prepare for the ceremony, we ate nothing but chocolate for four days," she explained.

She told me how the chocolate was made by using a special stone to crush the beans into a paste and then the paste was made into a hot drink. I have seen the process before, when I lived in Costa Rica. But I have never eating nothing but chocolate for four days. Chocolate has some very interesting properties. I can imagine that eating nothing else for days on end might produce some interesting feelings in your body.

"Our ancestors ate chocolate for strength," she continued, "and to connect with the gods."

The secret ingredient in raw chocolate is a low dose of THC, yeah, the active stuff in marijuana. Like I said, eating nothing but chocolate for days might produce some interesting effects.

" Every night," she went on, "we danced under the full moon." (In case you are wondering, a full moon lasts for three days.)

I must admit, the idea of eating only raw cacao and dancing under a full moon sounded very appealing. I wondered what kind of experience one might have.

"We smoked tobacco, too," she said. "Nothing hallucinogenic, just regular tobacco. But the combination of everything led to some very powerful spiritual experiences."

She did not elaborate.

I let my imagination run wild.

I am very interested in spiritual experiences, especially ones that originate in ancient culture. So, I plan to go on a chocolate eating binge, no sugar and milk included though, more like chili powder, salt , vanilla, and cinnamon.

I wonder how long I can dance under a full moon...

dreaming again,


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