Why We Attract Things We Don't Want

Why do we attract the things we do? I pray for the perfect mate and synchronicity arrives at my doorstep all tall, dark, and handsome. Signs everywhere confirm this is the right one, my soul mate. The stars sing together and the flowers bloom and every car license plate I drive by bears name of my new-found love.

And slowly I discover this person is destroying me.

Why? I asked. I prayed. I followed the signs. Everything seemed so perfect.

It was.

I got exactly what I asked for.

Our deep inner desires pull from the far-flung reaches of the universe. They gather the things we ask for. So why do we end up with things that hurt us? Because that is what we asked for.

Look deep inside yourself. Do you have a controlling lover? Then somewhere down in the depths of your soul, you want to be controlled.

Now, I am sure you weren’t a big fan of what I just said. But my desire is for your best. This information is powerful. It can set you free. If you can put aside your feeling of offense and un-emotionally look at what you are attracting, you can find out what you subconsciously want. And then you can ask yourself why you want it. How does it serve you?

You will attract what you long for. So, look at what you are attracting to discover what you really desire.

Let’s go back to the example of the person who attracts a controlling mate. What power to realize they want to be controlled! Now the question is why?

Perhaps they feel they are unable to control themselves. Maybe they were wild as a teenager and still don’t trust themselves. Maybe they had controlling parents and, even though they don’t like being controlled, it feels familiar and in some way comforting because they don’t believe they really learned to successfully run their own life.

Take some time to sit with the reality of your life. Pay attention to the things that keep coming to you and do not serve you. My guess is that they are probably related to lies you have believed.

The truth sets us free.

You WILL attract the things you want, both consciously and sub-consciously.

So, it’s time to hold the lies you have believed up to the light. It’s time to break their power over you. Give yourself permission to want the best for yourself. It’s time to love yourself. You always want the best and highest for those that you love, right?

When you love yourself, when you really believe in yourself, you will begin to attract goodness into your life.

And then when Mr. Tall, Dark, and Handsome comes along, he will be who you really want him to be.

Looking on the Inside,


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