Manifest Love

Please, Mama, tell me about love?

Love is when we see the hurt, the pain, the suffering. We do not deny it. We feel it. We let it run through us and in it we see beauty. We see comfort, we see compassion, we see appreciation. We rise above the pain and we see the beauty in the world because without the contrast of the dark, the light is never so beautiful. We lift our hands and our hearts and we dance in the rain. We celebrate our breath and the sun and the heat and the coolness. We smile at a homeless man and he smiles back at us. We play in the dirt with a child who has only an empty soda can for a toy and we laugh as he shows us how the game goes. We get up in the middle of the night when we cant sleep and we look at the vastness of the stars and we know somewhere deep inside us that all of this human experience is designed to teach us to love. It is designed to show us the contrast, the depth of despair and the height of joy and the sameness of our human-ness no matter our language or our culture. And we open our arms wide and we feel.....and then we begin to manifest love. It comes to us like a wave of warmth and tingling vibration and it permeates us down to our toes and we are so filled we can hardly contain it and then we release it and what comes back to us resonates with this magnificent feeling and our world changes.....

Let go of your fear. Don't let it control you. Allow yourself to feel. Open the floodgates of your emotions. Let them pour out of you. Lift up your eyes. Let the rain come and cleanse you. You WILL manifest what is inside of you, so let it be love.

Forever in debt to the GRACE of LOVE


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