Thoughts Become Things: A Mexican Manifesting Adventure

Manifestation is when you think of things and then they get pulled from the idea realm into this one where we can see them happening and touch them and hear them and drink them in.

In short, the things we think about become our reality, good or bad.

I recently got back from a month in Mexico. I went to some of my favorite haunts, drove down old roads that have history for me, caught up with longtime friends and made new ones, and spent time getting a feel for the place again.

But, I almost didn’t get to go.

After I bought my plane ticket, I started looking online for a place to stay. It had been three years since I was there, but I felt confident I knew the best spots to get a reasonable hotel. Boy, was I wrong! It was high-season and not only was most everything booked, but the prices were through the roof. My plan was to stay for three weeks and it was starting to look like that would cost me about $5,000, IF I could find a place that was even available.

But instead of panicking, I started dreaming of where I would like to stay.

My daughter and grandson were coming with me and, when I told Sarah the bad news about the hotels, she responded in a light-hearted fashion that everything would be OK. We started talking about unconventional housing options and got some ideas flowing.

We both used to live in that part of Mexico and we were both thinking about moving back there. So, a big part of our trip involved reconnecting with old friends and seeing if moving back was a good plan. I loved a fishing village called Puerto Morelos and Sarah loved a boating community called Puerto Aventuras. The towns are about 45 minutes apart and both are right on the beach. So, I imagined myself staying with an old friend in Puerto Morelos (PM) and my daughter pictured herself staying in a casita (little house) owned by an acquaintance in Puerto Aventuras (PA).

I mentioned how excited I was about my upcoming trip on my FB page, and that very same friend I dreamed of staying with sent me a message (unsolicited) and practically begged me to stay in their home.

Sarah wrote a note to her acquaintance to see if the casita was available, and not only was it available for the full three weeks right in the middle of high-season, but the owner offer it to her for free.

Awesome, right?

So, what happened?

It’s called manifesting.

The things you think and say and feel become your reality. Sarah and I did not give into panic. We spent time dreaming of what we each wanted and we took simple action and the universe met that action and intention by providing us with what we were dreaming of.

Well, it gets better.

The casita, while adorable, only slept one adult. That meant if I spent the day with my daughter in PA, I would have a long drive back to PM every night. Even though I wanted to spend time in my favorite little beach town to see if moving back there was the best plan for me, I still wanted to be able to hang out with my daughter part of the time. The more I thought about it, the more I realized we didn’t have an ideal situation. Yes, we each had a free place to stay, and I was thankful, but I felt maybe there could be a better solution. So, I started dreaming about a bigger, more extravagant place where I could spend the night with Sarah if I wished. I went all out and pictured myself feeling like a princess in a luxury condo with my daughter and grandson in Puerto Aventuras.

We flew to Mexico. I rented a car. And, we finally arrived at the casita. The owner of the casita immediately saw our dilemma and mentioned that he also had a three-story, luxury condo overlooking the marina. Imagine my delight when he offered us that vaulted-ceilinged, marble-floored, granite-counter topped, elaborately-furnished condo for the full three weeks for free!

But the amazing manifestation adventure did not stop there.

While we were in the Riviera Maya, my daughter and I also manifested a free all-day catamaran tour complete with snorkeling, paddle boarding, a fancy lunch, and an open bar. And we manifested a free Mayan ruins tour, and a free bull shark dive, and free tickets to a concert, and free drinks, and free dinners too!

Neither my daughter nor I are famous or influential. And I promise, we didn’t wear slinky dresses to encourage anyone to give anything away. We did, however, get on that plane. And we did mingle with the locals. We did laugh a lot, and explore, and participate in animated conversations with strangers.

And we did dream.

I challenge you to become aware of what you are thinking. Are you constantly worried about what might befall you? Or do you optimistically dream about your future?

Your thoughts do become things. So, think up some good ones!

Cheering You On,


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