How to Make Your Dreams Come True

Want to manifest your dreams? Good! You can! But let's talk for a minute about what is really in your heart.

Go down deep.

What moves you? What bring you to tears and wrecks your heart with joy? What are you talking about when your voice gets louder and more passionate and your blood can't help itself but flow a little faster?

This is where life lives.

There is a reason this thing brings up unrelenting passion in you.

Question: What are you doing with it?

My guess is that you are struggling to allow that passion to have its way with you. You go about your daily routine and it sits there, uncomfortably beneath the surface. You WANT to spend more time devoting your energy to it, but for whatever reason you don't.

We live in a society that tells us to be part of the herd and do things the way everyone else is doing them. And that often means letting our dreams die.

Then WHY is that dream inside of you? How did it get there? What purpose does it serve?

If you want to manifest something wonderful, then give that dream your attention. Let it roll through your thoughts and allow yourself to FEEL.

It was put there for a reason. Its is a gift. And if you stop telling yourself all the reasons why you can never achieve it, if you stop thinking about the dreaded hows, if you let it rise up within you, all of heave will work together to make a way for that dream to become reality.

So keep dreaming, dear one.

The world needs you.

With great love and hope,


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