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How To Happify Your Life

Laura LaBrie

Also Includes: The Happy Living List,
Information on Happifying Foods,
and 4 weeks of activities
to help you HAPPIFY YOUR LIFE!

This whole HAPPIFY PROJECT thing is the fruit of seven years of living and traveling in the remote islands, jungles, and rain forests of Mexico and Central America.  While looking for the answers to some of life’s most difficult questions and getting to really know the locals, I discovered something AMAZING!

The local people in Mexico & Central America hold the key to happiness!

It’s so simple and, to them, such a basic and obvious way of living. Over and over again these lovely people challenged my way of thinking. I said things to them and got completely unexpected and sometimes confusing responses until finally, I figured out that their approach to life was totally different than mine. They came from a place of being intuitively and profoundly connected to literally everything!

After living closely with these wonderfully happy “poor” people, I realized that their connection to life encompasses four basic areas: Authentic Self, Other People, Nature, and the Supernatural. Soon, with their help, I began to incorporate that connection into my own life.

My life was radically changed. The people of Mexico and Central America had given me a great gift. My focus, my perspective, my embracing of simple joy, and my understanding of a deeper, more connected way of living impacted the very core of who I am.

And now, I want to take you there.

​Let me show you the four happy points of connection. And let me show you how you can make important and authentic connections at all four of those points in your own life, no matter where you live. Because we are all in this life together and happiness is our birth-right. Some days, we have just forgotten who we are. 

Integrating life,


I Ran Away To Mexico:

An Unexpected Spiritual Journey

Laura LaBrie

Full of short stories,
thoughts on re-defining poverty,
and crazy adventures in 
Mexico, Belize, Costa Rica, and Panama,
I RAN AWAY TO MEXICO is a page-turner
you will not be able to put down!

I really did run away to Mexico. I sold everything, put my life in a carry-on suitcase and a backpack and spent the next 6 years traveling and living in Mexico, Belize, Costa Rica, and Panama. Eventually, in an effort to understand the underlying reasons for poverty, I decided to live in poverty myself. I went without running water, without refrigeration, without electricity. I RAN AWAY TO MEXICO: AN UNEXPECTED SPIRITUAL JOURNEY is filled with short stories about my adventures with titles like; Blue People, Speak Love, Stuck in Nowhere, Cans and Guilt, Chicken Bone, Re-Defining Poverty, Would You Like a Fish? and much, much more. You can get it in both paperback and e-book by following the yellow button link to Amazon.  


Here is an excerpt from the back of the book:

My life became an experiment. But the results of my experiment were more than I bargained for. I unexpectedly found a spiritual thickness hovering over Latin America. From Mayan pyramids and cavernous entrances to the underworld, to shape-shifting beings and places where time and space bend, I found the remote rain forests and islands are rife with other-worldliness. As my journey took me deeper into the bowels of a land wracked with poverty and human suffering, I became increasingly aware of how the struggle for survival on this narrow isthmus is not won in this realm, but in the one beyond.

I read your book and absolutely loved it! There are very few books I reread but this one stays in my collection to read every year.
 ~Stephanie McClendon

Finding Inner Place:

A Holistic Guide to Hospitality

Laura LaBrie

Full of travel tales, quizzes, recipes, and tips, FINDING INNER PLACE invites you to find your own sense of place and then share it in a way that is uniquely you.

I have found, in my travels, that hospitality flows naturally from a deep reservoir of identity. People who know who they are and where they come from seem to be able to entertain effortlessly. In tune with their history and culture, they are relaxed with their values and have an intuitive understanding of their environment. That may seem like some high-falooten mumbo-jumbo, but it's really just as simple as the farmer's wife who gathers eggs and makes French toast for you. She is not apologetic of what she does or doesn't have.

She just shares her best. And its enough. It's more than enough. It reflects who she is and, when you are in her home, you love that it is so different from yours.


This is place.


So often I see people trying to be something they are not, trying to live up to some unrealistic expectation, trying to impress their guests but not really sure how to go about doing it. There are things you can do--practical things--that will make serving go smoother and entertaining easier. But the best way to entertain your guests is to pull from the deep reservoir of who you are, the wealth of your experiences, and the things that you love. The rest are just tools. Good food and clean linens are a plus, but your friends didn't come to visit your table or your bed. They came to visit YOU!


So part of your journey is to discover--or maybe just validate--yourself. This book will give you plenty of time o reflect on your own memories and draw from what you do best. It will encourage you to be yourself and realize that the real beauty of your home is YOU!

Feeding Your Intuition:

A Cookbook & Guide to a Healthy Pineal Gland

Laura LaBrie & Melissa Rippetoe

Laura LaBrie, founder of The Happify Project, and Melissa Rippetoe, a pharmacist, team up to bring science and spirituality together in FEEDING YOUR INTUITION. They met in a little fishing village in Mexico and soon they were discussing the secrets of the universe over a beer in a Mexican beach bar. Together they posed the question, “Why do the indigenous people of Latin America have such strong spiritual sight and well-developed intuition while the people of the US and Canada struggle in these areas?” The answer led them down Alice’s rabbit hole, past modern medical practices, around symbols in ancient art, past traditions found in nearly every civilization on earth, through cutting edge new sciences, over anecdotal cultural evidence and finally into the kitchen.


FEEDING YOUR INTUITION is a foodies’ guide to better intuition. It is a cookbook packed with delicious recipes that will help increase your spiritual sight. Just imagine recipes for mahi-mahi smothered in orange-tamarind sauce, strawberry and goat cheese salad, and traditional Mexican spiced raw chocolate increasing your psychic powers and boosting your intuitive vision! 

Includes: The secrets of why the indigenous peoples of Middle America have such great intuition
Tips on how to restore your pineal gland health

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