Things are not always what THEY SEEM

I went to live in remote islands with the poor

hoping to alleviate some of their pain,

but in the end, it was they who healed me.

I've spent time in indigenous villages, lived on remote islands, traveled an inland salt river with manatees and crocodiles, watched giant sea turtles lay their eggs, been cavern diving, experienced a volcanic eruption, touched down in a tiny plane on a runway with no airport, climbed Mayan ruins, swam in sacred portals to underground rivers, and met some of the most amazing people along the way.

I have also lived without running water, without refrigeration, without electricity. And I have spent time with the homeless, with drug dealers, with aids victims, and lived among the poor.

And in my experience, I can tell you this...

There are spiritual realities all through Mexico and Central America that will shake your foundations to their core.


There are preconceived-idea-smashing truths that will rock your world


And there are marginalized people that will appall you with their beauty. 

Come learn more. 

Let your awareness travel off the grid.

Challenge yourself to risk to connect.

I guarantee this: You will forever be changed.

You can Happify your world.


Pushing back the boundaries, 


© 2017 by The Happify Project. 

The HapPify ProJect

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